Experience River Rafting Like never before

Discover the thrill of river rafting in Nepal, a country blessed with breathtaking rivers that attract adventure enthusiasts from around the globe. While Nepal is renowned for its mighty mountains, rafting in Nepal offers a unique and stunning side of raw adventure that will leave you exhilarated.

Pokhara, with its abundant opportunities for whitewater rafting, is considered one of the best destinations for this thrilling activity. To make the most of your water adventure, it’s essential to connect with popular rafting companies in Pokhara, who can assist you with all the necessary arrangements. Each river in Nepal has its own speed, rapids, and difficulty level, allowing you to choose a rafting trip that matches your skills and experience. From the Sun Kosi and Trishuli to the Karnali and Seti, there are numerous rivers where you can have the best whitewater rafting experiences.

For the optimal rafting conditions, plan your trip during the autumn and spring seasons. During these times, the water levels are ideal, and the rapids offer just the right level of excitement. Make the most of your visit to Pokhara by immersing yourself in thrilling river rafting adventures.

Get ready to paddle through the exhilarating rapids, witness stunning landscapes, and create unforgettable memories. Join us for an adrenaline-fueled journey of river rafting in Pokhara, Nepal – an experience that will leave you craving more.

Here are some of the best river rafting destinations in pokhara you might want to try:

Rafting in Nepal

Upper Seti
River Rafting

Just 30 minutes away from Pokhara’s lakeside, Upper Seti River rafting might be a short trip but the excitement that you will experience here is second to none. This adventure is full of non-stop whitewater rafting thrills accompanied by fantastic views of Annapurna Mountain, Himalayan whitewater and a beautiful gorge.

Rafting in Nepal

Sun Kosi
River Rafting

Sun Kosi (River of Gold) River Rafting is an amazing multi-day river expedition that offers big rapids, warm water, refreshing waterfalls and beautiful sceneries. It is also rated as one of the ten best rafting trips in the world and is quite suitable for intermediate and advanced kayakers.

Rafting in Nepal

River Rafting

Karnali River Rafting is for those who want a unique experience of a long river rafting trip that is loaded with memorable river actions coupled with stunning sceneries. Karnali river rafting is one the most challenging river adventures as it is Nepal’s longest and largest river that passes through the pristine forest with spectacular views of wilderness.

Rafting in Nepal

River Rafting

Tamur River Rafting is one such whitewater river adventure where each and every moment of the trip fills you with thrilling experience. This expedition comprises some of the most challenging class V rapids along with beautiful remote wilderness scenery.

Rafting in Nepal

River Rafting

Trishuli River Rafting, the most popular whitewater tour in Nepal, is equally suitable for the first-timers and the experienced ones. In this exciting water trip, you will be able to enjoy everything that comes with it - raw natural beauty, scenic valleys, exciting gorges, clean beaches, thrilling rapids, to name a few.

Our expert team can help you to choose best river rafting packages in pokhara for you.

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